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A Real Estate Agent’s Guide to Los Feliz, CA!

Los Feliz Real Estate | Los Feliz Homes For Sale | Los Feliz Houses For SaleIf you’re interested in learning more about the Los Feliz real estate market, buying Los Feliz residential real estate, or selling an Los Feliz home, you’ve come to the right place. My name is Glenn Shelhamer from Shelhamer Real Estate Group and I am a top producing licensed California real estate agent – Realtor, and I love helping people buy and sell real estate in the Los Feliz neighborhood. If you’re looking for more information on Los Feliz real estate or the neighborhood in general, keep reading. Below you’ll find a lot of useful information and you can search for Los Feliz homes and condos for sale.

Atwater is like the quiet, understated cool little sister to neighboring Silver Lake and Los Feliz. A once sleepy little town, today the neighborhood still has that small town vibe, but with a trendy flare and diverse residents. The neighborhood centers around the Los Feliz corridor, where there is a mix of vintage shops, foodie destinations, breweries, and specialty shops.

The last few years has seen an influx of young families looking to be close to east side neighbors, but with a more grown-up feel. Evenings see sidewalk dining lined with strollers and hipster moms sipping on organic pinot noir.

Los Feliz Homes For Sale | Los Feliz Houses For Sale

Los Feliz neighborhood boundaries are the Ventura Freeway on the north side, San Fernando Road on the east, and the Los Angeles River on the south and west. Parts of Forest Lawn Cemetery and the Glendale Fwy are also included. Los Feliz is relatively flat and extremely bicycle friendly and pushes itself up against the back side of Griffith Park.

Los Feliz Community

Los Feliz is adjacent to the Los Angeles River, and gets its name from it’s proximity to – you guessed it – the water (at water)! The Village is along Glendale Boulevard, where shops and restaurants line the corridor – looking for mid-century modern furniture? Check. How about some vintage vinyl records? Check. Organic, triple drip, cold brew, soy foam? Check. A community that embraces the SHOP LOCAL! mentality, residents are proud to support independent neighborhood retailers and prefer farmers markets over chain shopping. But don’t worry, if you can’t find everything you need along Glendale Boulevard, the Los Feliz Boulevard corridor has some large chain options.

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Los Feliz Arts, Shopping, and fun!

Los Feliz | Los Feliz Real Estate | Los Feliz Real Estate Realtor | Los Feliz Real Estate Homes For SaleWeeknights are nice for an evening stroll, but weekends in Atwater come alive with sidewalk seating cafes, yoga and dance studios buzzing, brunchers brunching, and farmers market shopping. While the Glendale corridor has a small town feel, the Glendale corridor is also buzzing with shoppers. We personally LOVE the pedestrian friendly Glendale stretch, but both corridors offer something different for everyone. The Los Feliz corridor gets much love without favorite sidewalk cafe (The Village Bakery and Cafe) and kick ass burger spot (The Morrison). Luckily, you can easily stroll from one boulevard to the other….you may even spot a Shelhamer Real Estate Group open house sign along the way ;). Glenn Shelhamer is one of the top Realtor’s in the Los Feliz area regularly holding open houses during the weekends.

Los Feliz Boulevard is where to go if you’re looking for a serious market haul, but get ready to fight for that parking space! The Costco shopping strip can be a nightmare on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Our suggestion – get there before the sun comes up and get out while you can! Other chain retailers include Best Buy, Party City, and Toys/Babies ‘R’ Us. Sprinkled in between are consistent favorites like Jamba Juice, Baja Fresh, and Mimi’s Cafe.

Oeno Vino, Glendale Boulevard, 3111 Glendale Blvd #2, Los Angeles, CA 90039

Have a refined palette for worldly wines? Then you’ve come to the right place! Oeno Vino is a hidden gem in a strip mall along Glendale Boulevard. Daily wine tasting make for a fun evening with friends, and they’re sure happy about it – happy customers = more sales! The wine selection is pretty awesome, with creatively curated wines and beers from around the globe. We recently tasted an earthy Chilean red cultivated near volcanic soils! Now THAT was a first. A side of cheeses and flights to tickle your fancy, you’ll surely walk out of here with new friends.

India Sweets and Spices Los Feliz | Los Feliz Real Estate | Los Feliz Real Estate Realtor | Los Feliz Real Estate Homes For Sale

India Sweets & Spices, 3126 Los Feliz Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90039
If you’re like any of us here at The Shelhamer Real Estate Group, you are a HUGE Indian food fan. And we know Indian. The India Sweets and Spices shop along Los Feliz is a cheap and cheerful spot to grab a uber casual lunch (literally you’re in a market) and pick up some home good while you’re at it. Nag Champa, A Vishnu statue for the mantel, some herbs for the spice cabinet…it’s all here. The employee are friendly, so if anything looks foreign (ha) just ask. For $5-$7 lunch and dinner specials, it’s seriously the best and most delicious bargain in town.

Pampered Birds Los Feliz | Los Feliz Real Estate | Los Feliz Real Estate Realtor | Los Feliz Real Estate Homes For Sale

Pampered Birds,
 3183 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90039 Known for its distinctly bright and colorful storefront, Pampered Birds has been a fixture in the neighborhood and has catered to our beautifully featured friends of all sizes. Birds of a feather!! Our chirping friends might be left in the shadows at many regular pet stores, but not here folks. We’d even go as far as to call it the MECCA of bird feed, accessories, cages, and everything else your exotic friend could need.

Los Feliz Architecture and Los Feliz Real Estate

Los Feliz | Los Feliz Real Estate | Los Feliz Real Estate Realtor | Los Feliz Real Estate Homes For SaleAtwater is known for its character home, and the area boasts the highest number of structure built before 1939 in all of Los Angeles County! While a sprinkle of lots has seen some modern designs built on small lots, most of what you’ll see when you drive down the windy streets are rows and rows of beautifully restored homes with stunning curb appeal.

Much of the neighborhood was built around the time of movie magic in Hollywood and it’s proximity to the studios made the area attractive to actors. Classical California bungalows are predominant in Los Feliz as well as architectural gems, by Barbey Kenoffel on the 3600 block of Brunswick, to the much plainer Cap Code houses, to the Spanish Colonial Revival houses along Glenfeliz.

Atwater today is very much like the Atwater of ol’ glamor days; quiet windy streets, rows of bungalows, and friendly neighbors. A sustainable community where residents take pride in their upscale bohemian flare and manicured lawns. Let’s not forget that living in Atwater you’re a stone’s throw from having nature right in your backyard with the LA River. The recent introduction of a River Improvement Overlay ordinance means we’re currently seeing major changes in Atwater real estate and new vitality along the LA River in Los Feliz.

Los Feliz Eateries & Nightlife

Oeno Vino Los Feliz | Los Feliz Real Estate | Los Feliz Real Estate Realtor | Los Feliz Real Estate Homes For Sale

Tam O’Shanter Inn, 2980 Los Feliz Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90039
The local bar and foodies scene in Atwater has been growing in the past few years and more and more people are heading this way to see that the big deal is about. Whether it’s checking out new twists on modern cuisine, or popping by that old favorite you had forgotten about, you won’t be disappointed.

The vibe around here is laid back and nonpretentious. Dress up, or dress down, or dress….like a Scottish bagpipe player?! Nope, it’s not Halloween. It’s any night at the famous Tam O’Shanter. This Scottish pub is housed in a Tudor-style building that was established an inn in 1922. The restaurant is one of the oldest is all of Los Angeles and you can always get a consistent and hearty meal of Scotch Rarebit, Cock of the North, Toad In The Hole, prime rib and, of course, special Scotch flights to wash it all down. Cheers!

Canele Los Feliz | Los Feliz Real Estate | Los Feliz Real Estate Realtor | Los Feliz Real Estate Homes For Sale

Canele, 3219 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 9003
Head over to Canele, a Mediterranean restaurant in a homey setting, serving farm-fresh dishes with farmers market ingredients. You WON’T BE disappointed! If you’re coming for brunch, come early and expect to wait a bit. Once inside, order a nice rose and duck hash, omelet with arugula, or eggs in a hole. Their menu is always changing with new seasonal ingredients, so chances are you won’t have the same thing twice. It’s worth the wait.

Baracoa Los Feliz | Los Feliz Real Estate | Los Feliz Real Estate Realtor | Los Feliz Real Estate Homes For Sale

Baracoa Cuban Cafe, 3175 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90039Pero Coño!
That’s what you’ll be saying when you walk into this no-frills, authentic Cuban restaurant right in the heart of Los Feliz. The menu is simple, with traditional Cuban dishes like Ropa Vieja, Carne Con Papas, Pan con Lechon, and on and on. The flavors are more staple than experimental. And that’s what keeps patrons coming back for more. Outside seating makes this place a super fun and casual spot during the summer evenings for the whole family or with

Proof Bakery Los Feliz | Los Feliz Real Estate | Los Feliz Real Estate Realtor | Los Feliz Real Estate Homes For Sale
Proof Bakery,
 3156 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90039
If you have a sweet tooth, head to one of the newest kids on the block, Proof Bakery. Their counter is stacked full of daily baked goodness you want to get one of each!! Fresh croissants, decadent chocolate cakes, handmade cookies, gahhhhhh diet-sschmiiett! They’ve also god Amazing ham and cheese on fresh croissant sandwiches for on the go, and crafted brew for morning pick me up or evening cap.

Bigfoot Lodge, 3172 Los Feliz Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90039
You can’t go to Atwater without stopping by the famous Bigfoot Lodge. Only YOU can prevent forest fires. Remember that?? Well, that take that fuzzy feeling of Smokey the Bear and mix it in with Yellowstone moose heads and you’ve got the hippest bar in town! A haven for hipsters, greasers, and just old school rockers, The Bigfoot Lodge never disappoints with stiff drinks, cool laid back attitude, and fun atmosphere.

Los Feliz Historical Fun Facts

Los Feliz | Los Feliz Real Estate | Los Feliz Real Estate Realtor | Los Feliz Real Estate Homes For SaleLos Feliz was part of the Rancho San Rafael until 1868, and a few years later the entire region was subdivided and sold to home builders in 1902, with the Atwater portion being named due to its proximity to the Los Angeles River. Get it – At Water.

The area was known for sheep ranching, dairying, and cultivation of strawberries by Japanese tenants. The “Village” wasn’t added to Atwater until 1986, as the area saw an increase in population and residents with the accessibility by rail and vehicle, both to downtown Los Angeles and Hollywood, where much of the golden era of cinema was occurring at the time. In fact, many actors and film personalities found Atwater as the perfect place to call home, and being next to studios popping up in neighboring Edendale and Silver Lake.

You can STILL see a bit of history on the road if you slow down as you come to the intersection of Fletcher Drive, just west of Riverside Drive, where pilings that held up the once sprawling Pacific Electric “Red Car” station.

It was the combination of industries and traffic corridors and the Los Angeles River that eventually shaped the layout of Atwater. The beloved Hyperion Bridge has held the test of time after being rebuilt in 1928 due to a flood the year before. Today, the Bridge is a sacred and symbolic relic of the days of the roaring 20s, where electric trolleys road side by side with the Ford Model T.

Today Los Feliz is highly sought after, and home prices have been creeping up due to its popularity. While you might be able to find a fixer in the coveted neighborhood, be prepared to pay premium for a small lot. But keep in mind, you’ll be among like-minded neighbors who appreciate the history, nature, art and culture, all with an understated cool factor. Los Feliz, perched conveniently next to Silver Lake and Los Feliz is definitely one of the hippest and most progressive neighborhoods on the east side to call home.

Los Feliz Artwork Images: Courtesy of Leisa Collins.